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9/23/17, 9AM Saturday
1 mile, 3/4 inch of water, the sun is out, wind blowing to the dike 7 mph.
3 mile, 1//4 inch with dry patches
4 mile, 1/4 inch or less, wind still blowing 7 mph, sun shining.
FIA has approved a meet extension and we are expecting word from AMA FIM shortly
SCTA President Bill Lattin is coordinating and helping as any extension may bump up against prep time for SCTA World Finals.
Bikes are starting from the 2-1/2 and the course is drying well there and beyond.
Next evaluation at 2-3 o’clock and a 4PM drivers meeting to decide what to do. Drying conditions are better than usual so we are hoping to get some race days in starting Sunday. The track surface remains very hard under the water and will require minimal prep to continue running. This photo was taken at 9AM Friday.










9:00 AM 9/21/20117 We have called the race for today. Racers have been informed and are taking time to maintenance their rides. Conditions are expected to improve on Friday and they are good for Saturday and Sunday. We will resume tomorrow morning at 8:AM.









Great first day of racing at the Cook Shoot. Records took a beating on a tough track. Erin Oconek bested her existing record twice running as a 1350M Naked (no fairing) bike and the AMA Gas M-AG 1350cc record. Speeds are unofficial at this time, but she raised her 188 mph record to 193 and change and then came back and bumped it to 198. We will post official speeds when we get them. Jim Cole running FIM I AI B II posted an average of 212 and change which will no doubt become a record. And Jamie Williams on the snowmobile raised his record to nearly 194 mph. Picture are Steve Ellis, AMA rep Drew Gatewood, Erin Oconek and FIM rep Fabio Fatzi. Mark Seeley riding Jerome Klawiter’s lay down bike knocked off three perfect licensing passes. Had a fire on the last pass, but still licensed for over 200 and are making repairs. The streamliners spent the day prepping their machines and will run tomorrow. Racing will commence at 8AM.








Entries are pouring in for the 2017 Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout.
Here are the racers who have signed up so far.
Call Mike direct to sign up 951 675-3070

Current Shootout Confirmed entries include:

Valerie Thompson
Buckeye Bullet
Triumph Streamliner

Al Lamb
Erin Sills
Erin Okonek
Mike Garcia
Jim Cole
Jerome Klawiter
Jamie Williams (snowmobile)\

Speed Demon and Challenger II are not attending












































































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