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LSR Records / Specs

*The Top 1 Ack Attack is currently the World’s Fastest Motorcycle

Sept. 25th 2010 / 376.363 MPH   1 KILOMETER WITH FLYING START
*Exit Speed on final pass 394 MPH!

Sept. 26th 2008 / 360.913 MPH   1 KILOMETER WITH FLYING START

Sept 3rd 2006 / 342.797 MPH   1 KILOMETER WITH FLYING START
*First to break Dave Campos’ 16 year record of 322.150 MPH!

Sept. 5th, 2006 / 348.178 MPH

**Sept. 3rd 2007 / 278.540   Average Speed Through Kilo WHILE CRASHING!

Rocky Robinson

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Designer / Builder
Mike Akatiff

Vehicle Type:
single-seat, streamliner motorcycle

carbon fiber

Aerodynamic drag CD:
.121 measured 0 beta with rear doors

chrome-moly 4130 tubing

Twin, Suzuki Hayabusa, in-line, four-cylinder, engines
Material: aluminum cylinder blocks and heads; water-cooled
Crankshaft: forged, fully counter-weighted, gear-driven counterbalance shaft
Valve train: double overhead cam, chain driven
Valve design: four valves per cylinder, bucket followers
Intake system: single, exhaust-driven, turbocharger and waste gate;
water-cooled, intake-air intercooler
Turbocharger boost: up to 30psi
Fuel system: Motec EMS
Ignition system: Motec EMS
Lubrication system: dry sump
Lubricant: Top-1 SMO 8000 15W50 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil
Total Displacement: 2598cc
Bore: 3.2in/81.0mm
Stroke 2.5in/63.0mm
Compression Ratio: 8.0:1
Horsepower (SAE net): 1,000+
Max. engine speed: 10,500rpm
Transmission: Six-speed gearbox for each engine
Clutch: multi-plate, wet (coupled hydraulic action nitrogen assisted)

Front: 7075 aluminum swing arm, Penske coil-over shocks
Rear: 7075 aluminum swing arm, Penske coil-over shocks
Steering: Center hub 24 degrees lock to lock
Ratio 2.0:1
Brakes: Double disc-rear, water cooled, six piston calipers
Wheels (in) 7075 aluminum two piece:
Front: 7X16
Rear: 9X18Tires (in) Mickey Thompson
Front: 7X16X24.5
Rear: 9X18X26.5Exterior dimensions:
Wheelbase: 12.0ft
Length: 20.5ft with doors
Height: 32.0in
Curb weight: 1617 lb empty

Capacities (U.S. gal):
Engine oil tank: 2.0L each
Engine coolant tank: 30.0 gal
Inter cooler water tank: 15.0 gal
Fuel tank: 4.7 gal

Top Speed: 400+ mph (estimated)





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