BoliviaDec. 12, 2017 – Landspeed Events and Top 1 Oil announce preliminary details for the 2018 Cook’s Top1 Oil Landspeed Shootout on the international Top of the World, longest ever land speed track at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. The event date is July 10-17, 2018. Unprecedented racer interest in another Bolivian event in 2018 is prompting this new drive to race at unlimited speed on the longest, flattest and smoothest racing surface on earth. The 2017 track was 15 miles of 120-foot wide perfect salt. It can easily be extended to 20 miles or more.

The Bolivian government is encouraging us to contract with them for a bigger and better event in 2018. It requires a minimum of 12 entries who are willing to submit a $10,000 advance entry fee that will be held in escrow. The cutoff date is March 31st at which time the event will proceed if there are enough paid entries. If not, all monies will be refunded. If the event has enough entries to proceed and your vehicle is damaged, broken or otherwise unable to run at the event, no refund will be issued as expenses for the event will have already been spent or committed.

The event will be fully FIM/FIA sanctioned, the same as the annual Cook Shootout. Sanctioning fees for both entities will be fully paid. The FIM does not require an entry fee, but the FIA will also require a $300 entry fee for cars paid in advance. Costs for the 2017 event included all sanctioning fees, travel and accommodations for the Cook prep team and officials, track prep and grading, surveying, fire and ambulance, insurance, timing, environmental license, crane service, porta potty, bus service to and from the track approached $100,000. More entries reduce the cost for everyone and upon final accounting of costs, partial refunds may be available

Each entry must make their own shipping arrangements, travel arrangements and hotel accommodations. There are two quality hotels at the entrance to the salt. We will arrange for reduced rates for event attendees. One has already committed to a rate of $60/night including breakfast. A brand new 315 mile highway links the capital city of La Paz directly to the entrance to the salt and vehicles can be rented in La Paz.

We are starting early because this event requires a monumental effort to make it happen. Serious competitors can contact Mike Cook or Mike Akatiff for further details

Mike Cook, 951 278-4243, 951 675-3070
Mike Akatiff 408 315-0901

The Cook’s Land Speed Shootout Facebook page and this web page will provide ongoing updates as we progress. Interested parties should make this page in their favorites file.

The annual Cook’s Bonneville Shootout in September will continue as always.




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