2013 Shootout

2013 Shootout Finally Called Off

Update: 8:00 AM 10/12 Saturday

Land Speed Events extends their thanks and appreciation to Varta Powersports for sticking with us while we tried to get this event running. Click the logo to the right to see how they can help you with all your performance battery needs. The racers have all left for home but two vehicles stayed on to take advantage of the good part of the track for a test and tune session. The first five miles are hard and solid and the next two miles are okay for vehicles that have already slowed down. On the salt this morning Eva Hakansson and the Killajoule streamliner got in an early check out pass at 172 mph and likewise for Tony Swan in the TSI G/BGC turbo Volkswagen with a warmup run at 165 mph. The track is suitable for their purposes so Mike has stayed on to let them get some runs in.

Varta Powersports


eva volks

Update: 3:15 PM, 10/11
At 3:15 PM today, 10/11, Mike Cook officially called the event. There will be no shootout for 2013. Despite our best efforts we are unable to provide a course that is long enough and safe enough for the FIM racers to run on. The 6-7 mile remains too damp and is not drying fast enough. And we cannot find a suitable direction that would provide thefull eleven miles necessary for record speeds. The storm on Thursday put too much moisture back in the track. After conferring with Rocky Robinson and the others Mike determine that he could not provide a safe venue for the racers who support the event. Cook places their safety above all other concerns. Land Speed Events would like to thank all the racers sponsors and supporters who have given so selflessly to try and make this race happen. Shootout racers are a tenacious breed operating on the verge of greatness all the time. While certainly frustrating, this is not the sort of thing that slows them down for long. We hope to see you all next year for some very serious record breaking. Wishing everyone a safe and speedy trip home. JB

bonneville bonneville
bonnevillle bonnevile
bonnevile bonneville

Photos by: Tommy Roberts

Update: Thursday evening

Our buddy Slim has posted a pile of pictures at landracing.com in the bonneville general chat section and it’s not pretty. I talked to Mike mid afternoon and he was struggling to see if dragging was going to do any good. He hasn’t called this evening and I suspect he has just plain worn himself out trying to make this happen for the racers and supporters. The man has fought the valiant fight and its been tough on him. Tomorrow may tell the tale, but at the moment there’s nothing to report. Thanks to everyone for all the kind words of support and encouragement. He appreciates it. Lesser men would have folded long ago. So hat’s off to Mike Cook, a racer’s racer and none more dedicated to the sport. Thanks bud. We’ll see what tomorrow serves up. JB

We just can’t catch a break! Rain did hit the course last night and Mike reports that the track is wet again beyond the 7 mile but appears okay up to there and farther down. Just wet in that one area. He is doing an inspection right now and say Akatiff and the racers want to wait it out based on the weather prediction. This report is sketchy, but will update again in a few hours after a thorough inspection. The moisture problem is right in the area of maximum speed where they would be throwing the chute out. Not a good spot spot for poor stability. Sorry to be so vague at the moment but need a few hours to assess the track. It’s a nail biter, but what can we do but wait? Racers are anxious, but also patient. JB

Wednesday evening, 10/9

Mike and Slim drove the return road about 8 PM noting some dampness and water at about the 7 mile. Do not believe this is on the track surface but won’t know until morning. Slim noted strong wind blowing which is good. Fingers crossed that possible precipitation misses the course tomorrow. Sunshine is predicted for Friday. (see below) JB

Wednesday10:00 AM 10/8

Okay here’s the latest update The track is completely dry now and we have commenced re-dragging the entire course. A meeting was held with all the racers in attendance and it was agreed to take a little more time prepping the track now that it’s fully dry. Some of the timing people will not be arriving until Thursday afternoon. As a group they have all agreed to use Thursday as a prep day and commence running Friday morning. The weather is not currently an issue, but it was important to agree on expenses and ensure that all the proper timing people are on hand. This is a minor delay to ensure that everything is perfectly in order with the track and the timing officials. Some participants are not arriving until late today and also need Thursday time to get setup. So Friday morning is race day. We are experiencing no difficulties now other than just getting everything set up and making sure all the racers are ready to run. Next update approximately 5:00 PM today . JB

Tuesday, 5:00 PM 10/8

Cook just called from the salt after an extensive inspection of the course with Mike Akatiff and Denis Manning. They are all happy with the condition of the track, stating that there are 8-1/2 miles currently perfect and with southeasterly winds pushing the remaining moisture up against the mountains they expect 11 miles by Thursday. Sun is out and wind is still doing its job. Unless the great flood happens tonight there will be racing on Thursday. JB

Participants will include the streamliners of Akatiff, Manning, Sam Wheeler and the KillaJoule team, plus Al Lamb and Jamie Williams and maybe a few others that are trying to make it. Mike says they will announce a time for the riders meeting later on Wednesday because they don’t know for sure when everyone is arriving. Cook has spent two days and four tanks of fuel figuring out a course and the best shot is straight down the middle. Check here, on facebook or landracing.com for the latest information as it will be posted in all three locations. JB

Denis Manning: “We’ve got 8-1/2 miles of solid salt. The wind and sun are doing their job and we will have

11 miles by Thursday. Its going to happen!” 10/8/13

Mike Akatiff: I’m very pleased with the conditions. We should have a very good racing surface by Thursday.” 10/8/13

salt flats salt flats

photos by: Tommy Roberts

shootout weather





Racers Please Note:

The accompanying message was sent from Roxanne Tea at the BLM office in Salt Lake City to Mike Cook regarding continuing the shootout on the original rain date. It indicates that the shootout can be held on those dates (weather permitting) even if the government shutdown is still in effect.


The BLM shutdown contingency plan allows flexibility in allowing SRP’s to continue during shutdown. I have one permit previously issued at Bonneville that will continue if the shutdown goes beyond this week. Mike Cook with the Cook Shootout Oct. 10-14 (weather permitting). If you would like to monitor this permit I would appreciate it however, it will not be required. I have notified Mike Cook that he will be allowed to continue as planned. You can contact him directly if you would like more information.

A Very Special Thanks from Cook’s Land Speed Events and all the racers to

Roxanne Tea and the BLM for all your support in helping us make this event happen. We very much appreciate you.