2018 NEWS

cook shootout


DIRECT HOTLINE  951 675-3070

We previously posted that we had dates available for a 2020 Shootout. It turns out that most of the normal competitors are not in a position to make that date and with a lack of entries we are forced to cancel the Shootout. We have several people who want private time and those may still happen, but sorry to say, there will be no Shootout this year.

Numerous racers have inquired about running the Cook Bonneville Shootout this year. As you know it is an expensive event to put together, but more entries help to drive the cost down. We have secured the dates September 21-25 if enough entries come in to make it feasible. The salt is better than we have seen it in a number of years so this may be your chance to get in some good runs. Interested racers are encouraged to call Mike Cook ASAP for more details. It will only happen if enough entries come in to make it possible. Contact Mike Cook direct at 951 675-3070.

Everyone needs to call Mike with their address and phone number, to arrange for their forms. All entries must be paid by August 31.  His cell number is 951- 675 3070 This needs to happen now to confirm entry fees.