Charles Nearburg, Spirit of Rett, 414.316 MPH

Nearburg car in pits

Rett Nearburg
In memory of Rett Nearburg

FIA officials at the 2011 Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout certified Charles Nearburg’s “Spirit of Rett” as the current piston powered, wheel driven land speed record holder (record has since been broken again). Back to back 400 mph plus runs resulted in a new world record of 414.316 mph, eclipsing the 45 year old 409.27 mph Class 11 record established by the the Summers Brothers Goldenrod in 1965. The new record also represents the fastest record for a single engine car. While setting the new record Nearburg achieved a top speed of 417.65 mph on his return run.The Spirit of Rett also holds the four fastest unblown Bonneville records and another FIA record with speeds ranging from 348 mph to 392 mph. The car is powered by a single 523-cid Chevrolet DRCE (Drag Racing Competition Engine) based on Reher-Morrison Pro Stock technology. See Specs…

The car is named in memory of Charlie’s son Rett, who passed in 2005 after battling cancer. Contributions to aid in Ewing’s Sarcoma research can be made by donating to “The Rett Nearburg Initiative” at CureSearch – National Childhood Cancer Foundation and Children’s Oncology Group –

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A few Nearburg Performance Firsts!

  • First 400 MPH car on gas
  • First 400 MPH car on nitrous
  • First 400 MPH car running carburetors
  • Fastest single engine gas car
  • Fastest naturally aspirated gas car without nitrous


Nearburg and Cook
Record handshake nearburg crew