Spirit of Rett Tech Specs

spirit of rett carFIA Records:
Group II, Class 11   414.316 MPH
Group II, Class 10   366.594 MPH

SCTA Records:
AA/FS     392.503 MPH    (AA/ Fuel Streamliner)
A/FS       379.606 MPH     (A/ Fuel Streamliner)
AA/GS    368.136 MPH     (AA/ Gas Streamliner)
A/GS      353.825 MPH     (A/ Gas Streamliner)

Best Performance:
422.645 MPH flying mile one way

Charles Nearburg

Car Owners:
Charles and Rett Nearburg

nearburg engineEngine:
Reher-Morrison (Brad Morgan) DRCE 2 (Drag Race Competition Engine)
523 cubic inches for AA/ Unlimited Class
483 cubic inches for A/ Class
1182 HP @ 8500 RPM,  2.26 HP per cubic inch
820 lb-ft torque @ 6900 on gasoline
1700 HP with gasoline and Speedtech NO2,  3.25 HP per cubic inch

2-1150CFM Holley Dominator carburetors on a sheet metal tunnel ram manifold

Tubular steel -combination of .120-wall 1-5/8 DOM and 4130 chrome-moly
Length:           33.4′
Width:              31″
Height:            33.2″
Wheelbase:   222″
Weight:           4017 lbs.
Solid front axle
Suspended rear axle, 4-link suspension, Watt’s link,
coil over shocks, anti-roll bar and travel limiter system

nearburg engine cutawayCenter Section:
24.5 x 7.50 X 16 Mickey Thompson Land Speed Tireson Taylor steel racing wheels
Inflation pressure:    90 psi

Phoenix Engineering quick change housing, 10 spline drop gears feeding a
1.50:1 ring and pinion on a custom made spool.

Liberty Performance Products,  Equilizer 5-speed

Twin DJ safety parachutes, 40 lbs. of on-board fire agent

Data Acquisition:
Race Pac SD 300

Lee Ryan – Crew Chief
Roine Andersson
Ed Stuck
Scott Sargent
Rick Cameron

USAC CertificateEngineering:
Chuck Horrell

Design Fabrication and Support:
Richard Nauert
Bob Hansen
Kebin Kinsley
Tom Brown
Mark Nearburg