The following competitors have confirmed intent to race at the 2015 Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout. We will continue to update this list as racers sign on.

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Streamliners  Number Owner Driver/Rider Target Speed Engine Notes
Speed Demon 715 George Poteet George Poteet 464 388ci SBC Turbocharged Gen 1 SBC
Flashpoint 7800 Bob Dalton Bob Dalton 482ci KB Hemi A/BFS
Carbinite 496 Rob Freyvogel Rob Freyvogel 500 496ci BBC Supercharged
Challenger II 555 Danny Thompson Danny Thompson 2 500ci Hemis AA/FS, nitro/methanol
Target 550 678 Marlo Treit/Les Davenport Les Davenport 550 2 510ci Dodge Hemis Supercharged on methanol
 Truz Miissile 1318 Jim & Mary True Jim True  I/FS
 Barnyard Bearcat 1690 Jim Knapp
Turbinator II 444 Dave Spangler
Motorcycle Streamliners
 Ack Attack 699  Mike Ackatiff Rocky Robinson 400 2 1299cc Hyabusa Turbocharged/methanol
Sam Wheeler 999  Sam Wheeler Sam Wheeler 400 1107cc Kawasaki Turbocharged/methanol
Castrol Rocket 40  Castrol/Triumph Guy Martin 400 2 90.6ci Triumph I-3 Turbocharged/methanol
Killajoule  123  Eva Håkansson & Bill Dube’ Eva Håkansson 270 Electric  Sidecar Streamliner
 Jet Reaction  942  Richard Brown Richard Brown 400 Jet  Thrust Driven
 Sit-Down Motorcycles
Snowmobile Jamie Williams Jamie Williams
 Private Events
 Buckeye Bullet VBB III  6941  Ohio State University  Roger Shhroer  311 Electric  August 17-22, 2015









































Streamliners  Number Owner Driver/Rider Target Record Engine Notes
Speed Demon 715  George Poteet  George Poteet  458.444 MPH 388ci SBC  Turbocharged Gen 1 SBC
Mormon Missile 468  Lynn Goodfellow  Lyn Goodfellow  DuraMax B/DS
Barnyard Bearcat 1690  Jim Knapp  Jim Knapp
Royal Purple 998  Nish Motorsports  Mike Nish AA/FS
Target 550 678  Marlo Treit/Les Davenport  Les Davenport  458.444 MPH
Flashpoint 7800  Bob Dalton  Bob Dalton A/BFS
Carbinite  496  Rob Freyvogel  Rob Freyvogel
Challenger II  555  Danny Thompson  Danny Thompson  458.444 MPH AA/FS
Truz Miissile  1318  Jim & Mary True  Jim True I/FS
Buckeye Bullet II  6941  Ohio State University  Roger Schroer 307.666 MPH
Crower Engineering  Crower Engineering  Louis Floquet
Spirit of Rett  1122  Charles Nearburg  Charles Nearburg  458.444 MPH
Mariani  146  Dennis Mariani  Dennis Mariani  E/FS
Southern Cross  136  Ben Slaughter  Trevor Slaughter  F/BFS
Motorcycle Streamliners
Ack Attack  699  Mike Ackatiff  Rocky Robinson
BUB 7  7  Denis Manning  Chris Carr
Castrol Rocket  40  Triumph  Jason DeSalvo
Sam Wheeler  999  Sam Wheeler  Sam Wheeler
Kent Riches  Kent Riches  Kent Riches
Vincent Streamliner   Max Lambke   Max Lambke
Sit Down Motorcycles
Jamie Williams  968  Jamie Williams  Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams  Jamie Williams  Jamie Williams
Black Art Racing  3379  Kim Krebs  Kim Krebs
Black Art Racing  279  Greg Watters  Greg Watters
Black Art Racing  Jim Higgins  Jim Higgins
Van and Kathy Butler  Van and Kathy Butler  Van and Kathy Butler
Motorcycle Sidecar Streamliner
Killajoule  123 Eva Håkansson & Bill Dube’  Eva Håkansson
Rocket Motorcycle Streamliner
Richard Brown Jet Reaction Richard Brown