Eva Håkansson & Bill Dube, Electric Motorcycle Streamliner, 270.224 MPH


eva hakkensonFresh off a record setting 241.901 mph average at the 2014 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Eva was determined to up her game even more at the abbreviated Cook Shootout two weeks later. When the salt had settled she was the fastest of the bunch with a seemingly effortless 270.224 mph blast that had everyone talking.

The Killajoule team of Bill Dube and Eva Håkansson have their electric powered motorcycle sidecar streamliner flying and they are always among the first to sign up for the Shootout. Designed and built in their own shop, the Killajoule streamliner is a marvel of grass roots engineering by two highly competent engineers working together as husband and wife. They share the passion and commitment it takes to perform at the top level of this sport.

You couldn’t ask for a better team; the seemingly quiet and thoughtful Bill Dube and outgoing effervescent Eva, always ready to answer a question   or expound on the virtues of electric power. Eva is in the final steps of getting her doctorate in mechanical engineering and the process is exhausting. But that hasn’t impeded their progress and they are expecting to run even faster this year.

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eva hakkenson eva hakkenson  killajoule
 Photos by A. Furgie, Zane McNary and Killajoule