Nish Motorsports, AA/FS Streamliner, 412.515 MPH


Car+Specifications+Front+312120192_Servi1_600The Nish Motorsports Royal Purple streamliner has established two FIA records at Shootout events, one each for the flying mile and the kilometer in category A, Group 2, Class 9.  The car has run a best performance of 412.515 MPH with driver Mike Nish at the controls. The car is a family affair with father Terry and sons all having established records at Speedweek and USFRA events over the years.

The Nish family is planning a strong effort on the salt for 2015. They will be attending the July test and tune session and Speed Week with the intent of running the car to its maximum potential. Revisions to the nose of the car and a new engine hold promise of ever greater performance and the team is anxious to put it to the test. See the accompanying video with Terry Nish outlining their plans for the coming season and describing events that led to a near disastrous incident at the SCTA’s 2014 Speed Week event.


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