Mormon Missile Tech Specs

Missile engine

Records for the ‘Missile:

2008 FIA Lynn Goodfellow 314.984 MPH

2009 SCTA Curtis Halvorson 305.145 MPH

2009 FIA Curtis Halvorson 341.167 MPH

Mechanical Specs:

Chassis: Fabricated from 2″ chromoly tubing and DOMEX 100 1/8″ 136,000 psi
high strength steel.
Suspension: Air ride, front and rear.
Tires & Wheels: Mickey Thompson 24.5 x 16.  Custom machined aluminum two
piece wheels.
Brakes: Mark Williams carbon fiber disc, dual calipers
Engine: GM 6.6L Duramax diesel with compound turbochargers, dual ice water
Transmission: Liberty 5 speed.
Rear Axle: Dick Hold quick change.

Team Members:

Lynn Goodfellow
Jim White
Mike Reff
Paul Green
Paul Law
Mark Goodfellow
Kurt Goodfellow
Blake Goodfellow
Tyler Goodfellow
Curtis Halvorson
Volker Schwartz
Dave Lauren

missile turbo

missile cockpit

missile crew