The Mormon Missile

The Mormon Missile

The Mormon Missile Diesel Streamliner team headed by Bonneville Veteran Lynn Goodfellow is demonstrating the incredible capabilities of diesel power. The Mormon Missile has all the ingredients for a land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats. At the heart of the streamliner chassis is a highly modified GM Duramax engine built by Curtis Halvorson producing over 1000hp. The chassis has been custom built to house the Duramax engine in a fully enclosed streamliner body. Another great asset of the Mormon Missile team is their experience not only in Land Speed racing but with Duramax engines. In 2007 Lynn Goodfellow was inducted into the 200mph club with a 242 mph record in their previous car in the B/DS class.

After spending two years developing and perfecting the previous car once the record was set Lynn was eager to take his Land Speed Racing to the next level. In the winter of 2007 construction began on the new car “Mormon Missile” at the Goodfellow Crusher facility in Boulder City Nevada. The task of building a record setting car in less than six months was possible only with the expert team that was assembled. Lynn Goodfellow and his crew concentrated their efforts on the design and fabrication of the long and narrow spaceframe chassis. While Curtis Halvorson from Diesel Performance Research built the Duramax engine, twin turbo chargers, and intercoolers. Volker Schwarz from MDE McSchwarz Diesel Engineering supplied and installed a custom ECU, and all chassis wiring was provided and installed by Paul Green, a fellow 200 MPH Club member. The car positions the driver low in the chassis in front of the engine, with the mid mounted V8 driving the rear wheels. Much time was spent developing the sleek aerodynamic bodywork that features a complex underbody that deflects air around the four tires, and has a venturi effect, helping to hold the rear of the car on the ground.

missile chassis

At the 2008 meet, after Curtis Halvorson set a 300 mph + record in the B/DS class with the Missile, Lynn Goodfellow got into the car to up the record. On his return (record-breaking) run, the engine overheated and melted a hole in one of the heads. This pressurized the cooling system and blew the pressure cap off. The coolant ignited when it contacted the exhaust. Some of the steam made it past the firewall, which resulted in a very hot fire in the cockpit. Lynn’s firesuit protected him, but his hands were burned from the heat transferred from the steering wheel (made of steel), through his fireproof gloves, to his hands. He spent over two months in the hospital in SLC, where all five of his fingers on his right hand were amputated, leaving only approx 1″ stubbs. On his left hand, he lost half of his thumb and part of his middle finger. He recovered well and raced again in 2010 making a qualifying run of 333 mph, but overheated the engine again and was not able to make a record run. Lynn started drag racing in Southern Ca in the 50’s. He also raced at El Mirage and Bonneville during the late 50’s and early ’60’s. His dream has always been to be in the 200 mph club.

Goals: Our goal is to beat the current JCB Dieselmax AA/DS (overall world’s fastest diesel) with FIA record of 350.092 mph.  They are in a different class than we are, but we’d like to do it anyway, just to bring the title of ‘World’s Fastest Diesel” to the USA. Our fastest run so far was 353 MPH at the Cook Shootout in 2009.

Mormon Missile sponsor, Goodfellow Crushers is a leading distributor and manufacturer of rock crushing machinery for the construction industry. Goodfellow Crushers is headquartered in Boulder City Nevada and operates facilities in Las Vegas Nevada, Lindon Utah, and Blackfoot Idaho. For more information on Goodfellow Crushers visit

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