Speed Demon, Epic Crash


speed demonThe Speed Demon crash on September 12, 2014 proved the merit of strict construction specs and elaborate safety rules and equipment. George Poteet walked away from a crash approaching 380 mph at approximately the 2-3/4 mile mark. The car yawed 14 degrees and then pencil rolled and spun multiple times, departing the course to the right at the 3 mile mark and coming to reset on its left side facing back toward the starting line. Poteet suffered minor cuts and bruises and a compressed disc. He was transported to the hospital in Salt Lake City where he remained overnight for observation. With the physician’s blessing he returned to the course the next day to thank the safety crews and sign posters for fans.

The accompanying videos from the on-board cameras show the crash in vivid first had detail and the photos provide insight to the severity of the unscheduled course change. The integrity of the car proved phenomenal and contributed greatly to his relatively unscathed survival in this horrendous high speed crash. Data logger indicates the car experienced an unrecoverable 14 degree yaw angle and was airborne for 543 feet at one point.

Engine: Contained
Drivetrain: Contained
Fuel System: Contained
Wheels and Tires: Contained
All Auxilliary Components: Contained

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